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The Institute for Zen Studies was established in order to:

     1) promote comprehensive, multifaceted research on the thought, history, and culture of Zen Buddhism;

     2) elucidate Zen’s essential nature and its significance for the modern world;

     3) disseminate the results of this research and thereby enrich the spiritual culture of the world.


The Institute is furthering the above goals by supporting:

     1) scholarly research on Zen, Zen culture, and Japanese culture;

     2) the training of researchers in the fields of Zen, Zen culture, and Japanese culture;

     3) the collection and exhibition of literary and other materials relating to Zen, Zen culture, and Japanese culture, as well as the publication of mass-market, academic, and translated books in these areas;

     4) Zen-related research and practice for the education of the public;

     5) exchange activities with religious seekers, academic researchers, educators, and related institutions in Japan and abroad;

     6) various other activities related to the goals of the Institute for Zen Studies.

The above activities are pursued both domestically and internationally.