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Milestones in the history of the Institute

1955, 1 June Founding of the quarterly journal Zen Bunka (Zen Culture)
1959, March Founding of the Bulletin of the Institute for Zen Studies
1963, 11 November Government approval secured for the establishment of the Institute for Zen Studies
1964, 25 January Inauguration ceremony for the Institute at Kitsuji Minami-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto.
1966, 10 September Publication of Zazen no susume (Let’s Do Zazen), the first in the Institute’s series of monographs
1977, April Relocation of the Institute to the Yamada Mumon Memorial Hall on the campus of Hanazono University, 8-1 Tsubonouchi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
1979, 30 August Inauguration of the East-West Spiritual Exchange, a program of intermonastic dialogue between Buddhism and Roman Catholicism
1987 Publication commences on the Classic Texts of Zen series
1993, 4 May The Institute assumes administrative responsibilities for the Joint Council of the Rinzai and Ōbaku Schools
1995 Work begins on the wood-block print edition of Zen Master Hakuin’s works
1997, April Foundation of the Japan-China Rinzai and Ōbaku Friendship Association, administered by the Institute
1999, June To commemorate its thirty-fifth anniversary, the Institute establishes the Zen Culture Prize, awarded once every five years