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The Faces and Infinite Presence of D. T. Suzuki: An Album of Photographs from His Final Years
Editors: Ueda Shizuteru & Okamura Mihoko
Publisher: The Institute for Zen Studies, Kyoto, Japan, 2005
Dimensions: 6.9 x 0.5 x 9.8 in.; 170 pages
Price: 5,500yen (including tax)
ISBN978-4-88182-208-1 C0015
Book details (name of author, etc.):2005/11/15
A collection of photographs of D.T. Suzuki during his final fifteen years, from the ages of 81 to 96. Most are cherished snapshots taken by Mihoko Okamura, Suzuki’s personal secretary during that period. Ueda Shizuteru, professor emeritus of philosophy at Kyoto University, provides a Japanese introduction and commentary. The book is the first album of Suzuki photographs ever published. English captions.
Zen’s “ordinary mind” isn’t a matter of simply sleeping, waking, and eating. That is just day-to-day life. Ordinary Mind, said Suzuki, “is sleeping, waking, eating, and dying. Sleeping, waking, eating, and then dying when it’s time to die.” That is how to live. While alive to be already dead, that is, to have let go of the ego, to be already liberated from the bonds of self. Free and tranquil, sleeping, waking, eating, the slightest little thing you do or do not do, all are informed by egolessness. The selfless self manifests. (from the text)

Preface Mihoko Okamura
D.T. Suzuki: Appearance and Presence Shizuteru Ueda
   Aspects of the Man
   Friends Abroad
   Other Places: Eranos Conferences, Okamura home, Matsugaoka Library
Commentary on the Photographs Shizuteru Ueda
Afterword Shizuteru Ueda, Mihoko Okamura
A Chronological Chart of Suzuki’s Life  

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Reader comments
I studied Suzuki Essays long time ago. These works opened my dharma eye and changed my life. Thank you very much for this honour to Him!! Jose Claudio Gaon