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DVD Tofuku-ji: “A Path across the Heavens”
Planning: The Institute for Zen Studies
Production: Film Studio Sangha
Distribution: The Institute for Zen Studies
Price: 1,650yen (including tax)
ISBN978-4-88182-246-3 C0815
Book details (name of author, etc.):24 March 2009
Tofuku-ji, a major temple complex associated with Rinzai Zen Buddhism, is located at the foot of the East Mountains on the southeast outskirts of Kyoto. It is renowned for its majestic wooden architecture, fresh spring foliage, and spectacular autumn colors. During the late fall months the area of the Tsutenkyo (Crossing to Heaven Bridge) is especially popular with sightseers.
This DVD features beautiful scenes from Tofuku-ji photographed during the four seasons of the year, with captions in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean. It is about 20 minutes in length.

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