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  • Entangling Vines -Zen Koans of the Shūmon Kattōshū-

    Entangling Vines -Zen Koans of the Shūmon Kattōshū

    Entangling Vines is the English translation of the Shūmon Kattōshū, one of the four major koan texts used in Japanese Rinzai Zen monasteries. Containing 282 koans with extensive annotation, the collection is indispensable for anyone engaged in traditional Rinzai koan training.
  • Dialogues in a Dream  -Muchū Mondō

    Dialogues in a Dream -Muchū Mondō

    The first complete English translation of the Muchū Mondō, by the Japanese Zen master Musō Soseki. Ninety-three relatively short chapters written for lay believers discuss a variety of topics, ranging from the meaning of ritual, compassion, and enlightenment to the significance of landscape gardens in the practice of the Way.


    Provides information on over 150 Japanese Zen temples and Zen training centers, with the authors’ descriptions and evaluations.

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