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A New Woodblock Edition of Hakuin’s Kana Hōgo, as Written in His Own Hand. A Seven-Year Project, Beginning in 1995

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Date 2002/6/27
Details hakuin_syusei.jpg
One way in which Hakuin Ekaku, the once-in-five-hundred-years Zen master who revived Japanese Rinzai Zen during the eighteenth century, expressed his bodhisattva vow to save all sentient beings was through the publication of numerous books, including nineteen volumes of Sino-Japanese goroku texts and twenty-nine volumes of Japanese kana hōgo texts. All of these were true expressions of the master’s spirit.
Present-day Japanese Rinzai Zen is entirely of Hakuin’s lineage, making the master’s writings a true treasure of the Dharma. Among these writings, his Kana Hōgo (engraved using Hakuin’s own handwritten text) were much scattered and in danger of becoming lost. The Institute’s new edition, based on the finest extant examples of the original printings and employing traditional production methods with durable washi paper suitable for long-term storage, is a perfect reproduction of the classic woodblock text. 
Kana Hōgo in the series include:
Sashi mogusa さし藻草
Yae mugura 八重葎 1高塚四娘孝記
Yae mugura 八重葎 2
Yae mugura 八重葎 3
Orategama 遠羅天釜
Yasen kanna 夜船閑話
Shindangi 新談議
Hebi ichigo 邊鄙以知吾
Tosenshikō  兎専使稿
Oni azami 於仁安佐美

Keisō dokuzui 荊叢毒蘂
Kaiankokugo 槐安国語