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About the Zen Bunka Prize

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Date 1999/6/24
Details Selection Process:
  1. Candidates are nominated by the board of trustees and the board of advisors
  2. Nominees are examined and recipients selected by the screening committee.
  3. The screening committee is composed of the following members:
    The chairman of the board
    The director
    The supervisor
    A representative from the board of trustees
    A representative from the board of advisors (Chairperson of the Joint Council for Rinzai and Ōbaku Zen)
    A scholar knowledgeable about the field in question (special academic advisor)
    A representative from the Institute for Zen Studies Support Group
    The director general
  4. The names of the recipients are presented to the board of trustees for approval
Zen Bunka Prizes
The Distinguished Service Prize is awarded to individuals or organizations whose accomplishments over the course of many years in the spheres of teaching, academics, the arts, or social work have contributed to the advancement of Zen. Individuals nominated for the prize must be at least eighty years old; organizations must have been in operation for at least thirty-five years.
The Encouragement Prize is intended to publicize and support the activities of individuals or organizations in the spheres of teaching, academics, the arts, or social work that have contributed to the education and advancement of the next generation of Zen leaders and supporters. Individuals and organizations nominated must have been engaged in the activities for at least ten years.