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Zen—Living in the Modern World

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Date 2003/7/3
Place Hanazono University Kyōdō Hall
8-1 Tsubonouchi-cho Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Details Sponsor:       Institute for Zen Studies; Hanazono University, Dept. of Religious Activities
Support:       Joint Council for Rinzai and Ōbaku Zen
Description:   With the theme “watching the self,” this workshop provides an opportunity for those connected with Zen Buddhism to learn how to live according to the teachings the buddhadharma in the confusion of life today.
Part 1 of the workshop will feature a lecture by Kōno Taitsū Roshi. In part 2 the teachings presented in part 1 will be examined more closely in a discussion between Taitsū Roshi and an interviewer, to indicate how the teachings can be applied in everyday life.
Time: 2003, July 3, 1:30-4:00 PM
Program: Part 1: Lecture on Case 39 of the Blue Cliff Record, “Yunmen’s Flowering Hedge,” by Kōno Taitsū Roshi, Master of Shōfuku-ji Monastery
Part 2: Discussion with Kōno Taitsū Roshi and Yoshizawa Kenkichi (Kyoto Shinbun, News Editor)
Open to the public;
free admission