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Lectures for the Daisen-ji Exhibition Commemorating Gudō Tōshoku

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Date 2013/5/8
Details Two commemorative lectures will held during the Daisenji Exhibition, to be held at the University Museum of History, 4 April to 8 June, under the sponsorship of the Institute for Zen Studies and the Hanazono University Museum of History. Admission is free. No reservations are necessary; however, admission is limited to the first 150 entrants. No parking facilities are available, so please come by public transportation.
For particulars on the exhibition, see here.
The two lectures are:
May 8, 2013; 13:00-14:30               “Daisen-ji during the Medieval Period,” by Yokoyama Sumio, Director of the Nōbi Rekishi Bunka Kenkyūsho
June 6, 2013; 13:00-14:30              “The Zen of Gudō Tōshoku,” by Kōno Taitsū Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Myōshin-ji