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2013 Spring Exhibition The Cultural Treasures of Daisen-ji: In Commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the Passing of Zen Master Gudō Tōshoku

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Date 2013/4/2
Place Hanazono University Museum of History
Details In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the passing of Zen master Gudō Tōshoku, the Institute for Zen Studies and the Hanazono University Museum of History are sponsoring an exhibition of the Zen paintings, calligraphies, and other cultural treasures in the collection of Gudō’s temple Daisen-ji. The exhibition will run from April 2nd to June 8th, 2013.

Daisen-ji is, along with Shōgen-ji and Eiho-ji, one of Gifu Prefecture’s three great Rinzai Zen monasteries. Daisen-ji had its origins in Fuji-an Hermitage, established in 1461, and received its present name when the eminent Zen master Tōyō Eichō (1428-1504) retired there in 1501. From that time it has flourished as an important center of the Myōshin-ji school, producing numerous influential monks. It was restored and attained further prominence under Zen master Gudō Tōshoku (1577-1661).
Daisen-ji has in its possession many important cultural properties, including historical materials dating back to the time of its establishment and a large collection of calligraphies and paintings associated with its many famous prelates, particularly Tōyō Eichō and Gudō Tōshoku. Surprisingly, however, there has never been a comprehensive exhibition of these cultural treasures until now.
The present exhibition, displaying important calligraphies, artistic treasures, and other items associated with Daisen-ji, forms a fascinating introduction to the temple’s history and the flowering of Zen culture in Gifu during the early modern period.
The exhibition features 64 items, including:

A portrait of Tōyō Eichō, with an inscription by the master; 1501

A portrait of Gudō Tōshoku, with an inscription by the master; painting by Kanō  Tanyū; 1648

Calligraphy by Sekkō Sōshin; 1481

Calligraphy by Tōyō Eichō; 1496

Calligraphy by Gudō Tōshoku; 17th century

Painting of orchids and rocks; painting and inscription by Tesshū Tokusai; 14th c.

Painting of Hahachō; inscription by Banri Shūku; 15th c.

Painting of carp in a lotus pond, bu Keishū; 16th c.
Sponsors:   Intitute for Zen Studies, Hanazono University Museum of History
Cooperation:  Daisen-ji (Yaotsu-chō, Kamō-gun, Gifu Prefecture)
Place:           University Museum of History, Hanazono University
Time:            10 AM to 4 PM (2 PM on Saturdays)
Part One:       2 April to 4 May
Part Two:      7 May to 8 June
Museum holidays are Sundays and Monday, 6 May. Admission is free. Commemorative lectures will be given during the course of the exhibition.