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Tang sayings Information Research Group

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Zen Culture Research Institute, the 40 anniversary since its establishment in 1964, this time, was launched simultaneously with the establishment, "saying research group Tang Dynasty", and make a fresh start Niatari new system, team members widely was to solicit, here also the introduction of a study group, say the guide is up to participate.
The Institute in 1964 (1964) and factions of Rinzaisyuu 西芳寺 Kinkakuzi Peaceful Dragon (the 苔寺) that will be offered upon the cooperation of Ginkakuji, Institute for the late Dr. DT Suzuki especially messages received, the decoding of Zen sayings, been hopes that the study of language and Zen (Zen in culture quarterly issue of 31.32, [DT Suzuki] [Complete] enlarged new edition, Volume 34 Osamu Tokoro).
柱Taru of its research activities, "Tang Research Group saying," I came to load the central role of the arrow into the late Professor Takashi Tadashi (1910-1998) was a teacher and Yanagida sacred mountain. Dr. arrow into younger days [book 臨済] (Paperback Iwanami old) read the Zen Yoshi Gen 臨済 "outburst of mental entities such as the explosion" at the same time struck by a strong reading of the traditional based on traditional understanding How aware of the mistake, held a reading of the sayings of the Zen Institute of Humanities at Kyoto University after the war, at that time that were in the Iwanami Bunko [Buddhist] [heart transfer mechanism Snoop collecting various capital sources, including Zen, Zen literature reading and discussion meeting was the discovery of the Dunhuang was beginning to be noticed.
Our research team Masu Hashi sprouting embryo here. As part of its book club teacher Yanagida, in cooperation since the two people, will be opened up endless research goes Japanese Zen literature. The playing field, to Japanese Studies Association of the United States organized the first Zen temple in 1955, Ms. Izumi Ryou Daitokuji late Ruth Sasaki later, in 1964 and moved to a more Zen Culture Institute, and until this day.
The text on the reading and discussion meeting 採Riage During this time, including the wide variety of Dunhuang Zen citizenship, [recording] [record 曹山 Horayama 大梅] [Quotations] [] [Figure cattle ten languages ​​needed Zun old inn] [Matsu temple collection of one hundred and three] [law] has built a true eye Masanori other characters, especially [the father] is a collection of Hall continued about 11 years.
Research Group Leader Yanagida regular teacher, a teacher center turn arrows instructors give participants a variety of languages ​​such as Chinese literature by scholars of Chinese thought Zen Buddhism in India is also member of group, attracted widespread attention, from the West Philip Yang Porusuki also Burton Watson, John McRae, Bernard Fall, who had participated and visited Gary Schneider. The results are "sayings of Zen" (Vol. 18, Chikuma Shobo), The Records of Lin-chi] [Essay] [sayings of the absolute sense] [Matsu] Gen Sha large book (Volume 3)] [Record 伝灯 Jingdezhen (In publication, the Institute) is a fruit. Thus, 50 years of collaborative research with a focus on both teachers Yanagida arrows into the study but has led the world in the late 20th century, Zen Buddhism, an arrow into the teacher died in 1998, this study is Dr. Yanagida, 2002 The team can now retreat.
From May 2003, we also widely participate Yobikake Katagata anew with an interest in Zen sayings, tradition has been followed by the next half century, it now goes to the research team aim to continue the more vibrant .
As is well known sayings of Zen, it is difficult to read by myself enough, to review the collective wisdom to share with Collect materials necessary for comprehension is thought to have obtained the first deep understanding. Has been done that way for too Jijitsu Kiwamu Ken Zen in Japan. Chan, who recorded Zen wisdom Kaseta Me by interacting also be read in the form of knowledge exchange and cooperation with each other even now, are thought to the most appropriate. It continues to be a study group held 問Wanu background and experience of the participants, even those Arimashou naturally accompany the study of Zen sayings.
Niatari be held as a fresh start following a new study group, participation is up to call out wide.

1 Study Group Name Regular Study Group Study Team Tang sayings
2 Date May 26, 2003 (Monday) from p.m.2: 00 ~ 5:00

With regard to the subsequent conference time, but every other Monday in principle,because some changes, "study group will be"please click)
3 Literature Masanori Hiroshi Satoshi Song [edit] Eye Collection, Volume down (which wasacquired by the interaction of the Tang and Song Zen. Participants text Copy SongEdition] is available)
4 Location Zen Culture Research Meeting