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The Enpō Dentōroku Study Group

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Situation Present study
Details This group is preparing an annotated edition, with Japanese readings, of the Enpō Dentōroku 延宝伝灯録, a biographical work compiled by Mangen Shiban 卍元師蛮 (1626-1710) containing entries in kanbun for nearly a thousand Japanese Zen monks, nuns, and lay practitioners. In the years since the completion of this voluminous work in 1678, the deep knowledge of history and Zen terminology necessary to understand it have prevented publication of an edition with Japanese readings. The Enpō Dentōroku study group has presently completed such readings for all forty-one volumes.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Fujita Takuji 藤田琢司
Group member: Abe Rie 阿部理恵