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Rinzai School Sutra Study Group

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Situation Present study
Details This group is reconsidering the sutras and dharanis used on a daily basis in the Rinzai school, particularly with regard to the way they are chanted and are presented in sutra books, with the intention of heightening their acceptability among people in the modern world. The Rinzai School Standard Daily Sutra Book in Three Volumes 新修 臨済宗勤行聖典・全三巻, published in 1994 under the aegis of the Approaches to Training Acolytes Study Group, was reevaluated during 2010 and as a result partially revised and reorganized. The resulting edition, the Rinzai School Three-Volume Standard Daily Sutra Book, Second Edition  新修第2版 臨済宗勤行聖典・全三巻, was published in March, 2011.
           In addition, the Rinzai School Sutra Study Group is receiving guidance from qualified instructors on the proper method of introducing and chanting sutras, striking the bells (keisu), reading the dedications (ekō), and laying out the various accoutrements and offerings on the altar. In order to disseminate knowledge of this standard method of chanting as widely as possible, the study group has produced the CD Rinzai School Sutra Chanting for Temple Supporters and Believers, featuring chanting by the ritual specialist Fukita Ryōchū.
Name of group
leader and members
Lecturer: Fukita Ryōchū  吹田良忠
Group members: Nishimura Egaku 西村惠学, Nakagawa Kōdō 中川弘道

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