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The Song-Dynasty Zen Records Study Group

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Situation Former study
Details The Song-Dynasty Zen Records Study Group provides a forum for people, both lay and ordained, to experience the pleasures of reading the ancient Zen records. The current text is the Linjian lu 林間録 (Zen Forest Records), which presents anecdotes about ancient Zen monks and eminent priests. This year in our monthly meetings we will study the second of the text’s two fascicles.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Fujita Takuji 藤田琢司
Group Members: Nōnin Kōdō 能仁晃道; Dōmae Sōkan 道前宗閑; Sasaki Ryōsei 佐々木陵西; Sano Taiten 佐野大典; Isobe Taishi 五十部泰至.