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Recorded-Sayings Literature of the Tang Dynasty: The Jingde-era Record of the Lamp Study Group

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Situation Present study
Details The thirty-fascicle Jingde-era Record of the Lamp (Jingde chuandeng lu 景徳伝灯録) is the most fundamental text of the recorded sayings literature. The principle focus of the present study group is clarifying the meaning of each of the 1,800 koans that constitute this important text, based on modern research on Chinese colloquial language by Chinese and Japanese scholars.
Meeting on a bimonthly basis.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Nishiguchi Yoshio 西口芳男
Group Members:  Kinugawa Kenji  衣川賢次, Matsuoka Yukako 松岡由香子, Kubo Jō 久保讓, Miura Kunio 三浦國雄, Tsuchiya Masaaki 土屋昌明, Shimosada Masahiro 下定雅弘, Sueki Fumihiko 末木文美士, Saitō Tomohiro 齊藤智寛, Ishino Mikimasa 石野幹昌, Kame Jikō 亀 滋廣, Okabe Hisashi 岡部 恒, Nakanishi Kumi 中西久味

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