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Tripitaka Study Circle

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Situation Present study
Details In 1995 the Philosophy Study Group, after finishing its study of The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana 大乗起信論, adopted a policy of more open participation by its members. Taking the name Tripitaka Study Circle 大蔵会, it is focusing on the study of various texts fundamental to the thought of Zen Buddhism while continuing its exploration of the profound encounter between philosophy and Mahayana Buddhism. This year, under the overall direction of Prof. Ueda Shizuteru, the Circle will continue its readings from the Five Teachings According to the Huayan School 華厳五教章, with Prof. Kobayashi Enshō providing guidance on the reading of the text. The approximately twenty-person membership of the Circle, consisting primarily of university faculty members and former graduate students, not only reads and interprets the text but also engages in wide-ranging discussions of Buddhist thought and practice that transcend the usual limits of study group activity. Meetings are held four or five times a year at the Kyōdai Kaikan. Also held under the direction of Prof. Ueda Shizuteru are related gatherings of the Nishida Philosophy Study Group (presently reading A Study of the Good 善の研究)  and the Nishitani Study Group (presently reading The Hanshan Poems 寒山詩). These, too, meet about four times a year.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Mori Tetsurō  森 哲郎
Group members: Ueda Shizuteru 上田閑照, Kobayashi Enshō 小林圓照, etc.