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Zen-Text Colloquial Language Study Group

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Situation Former study
Details From 1993 to 1998 this group, comprising specialists on the regional grammars of China, published their findings in five issues of their journal, Zenseki zokugogen kenkyū (Journal of Colloquial Language in Zen Texts):
December 1993 First issue published
June 1995 Second issue published
June 1996 Third issue published
August 1997 Fourth issue published
September 1998 Fifth issue published
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Yoshizawa Katsuhiro 芳沢勝弘
Group Members: Li Jianhua 李建華; Kinugawa Kenji 衣川賢次; Kamino Yasuyuki 神野恭行; Cai jing hao 蔡鏡浩; Wang  Jiru 王継如; Dong Zhiqiao 董志翹.