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Hanyu Dacidian Indexing Committee

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Situation Former study
Details The Hanyu Dacidian 漢語大詞典 (Unabridged Dictionary of the Chinese Language), 12 volumes, is the result of a top priority academic project undertaken by the Chinese government to compile a Chinese language dictionary superior to Japan’s Morohashi daikanwa jiten 諸橋大漢和辞典 (Morohashi’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the Chinese Language). The dictionary has become an important resource for the study of Zen texts. The Institute compiled a database of the words defined in the Hanyu Dacidian’s twelve volumes, a project that developed into the production of an index for the dictionary. Editing work on the approximately 400,000 vocabulary items, conducted in cooperation with the Hanyu Dacidian Publishing Company, commenced in 1991. In August 1997 the Takōnō kango daishiten sakuin 多効能漢語大詞典索引 (Index to the Unabridged Dictionary of the Chinese Language) was published.
Name of group
leader and members
Committee leader leader: Yoshizawa Katsuhiro 芳澤勝弘
Committee Members: Nishimura Egaku 西村惠学, Takahashi Mayumi 高橋真由美