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Taiping Guangji Database Group

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Situation Former study
Details This group compiled a text database for the Taiping Guangji  太平廣記 (Extensive Records of the Taiping Era) between 1992 and 1994. The Taiping Guangji, a 500-fascicle work published during the Song dynasty, is an anthology of stories and tales from the Han dynasty to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period. As the text contains much material useful for the study of the Zen recorded-saying literature, the Taiping Guangji Study Group compiled a database of its more than 3,000,000 Chinese characters, completing its work in 1994.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Kinugawa Kenji 衣川賢次
Group Members: Dong Zhiqiao 董志翹; Tominaga Kazuto 富永一登; Yoshizawa Katsuhiro 芳澤勝弘; Kamino Yasuyuki 神野恭行; Nishimura Egaku 西村惠学