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Smartphone Applications Group

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Situation Former study
Details Responding to the needs to the times, the Smartphone Applications Group is developing educational applications on Zen for the iPhone and Android smartphone platforms. In 2011 it released the Android-platform application “A Tour of Kyoto Zen Temples,” introducing the history, architecture, and treasures of approximately eighty Zen temples in the Kyoto area, including nine main temple complexes and such well-known sightseeing attractions as the Golden and Silver Pavilions. As an added feature the application contains a one-hundred question quiz, designed to deepen the user’s knowledge of Zen. For further information see “Softwear > Smartphone > 京都禅寺巡り.”
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Nishimura Egaku  西村惠学
Group members: Matsubara Haruo 松原治雄, Miyazaki Tsuyoshi 宮崎 強 (both associated with Wagōsha, Inc. 和合舎); Yamada Kenji 山田賢二, Okamoto Yoshiyuki 岡本義幸, Takahashi Masanobu 高橋正信 (all associated with Japan System Technology Inc. 日本システム技術株式会社).

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