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Zen Masters Interview Group

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Situation Former study
Details Qualified Zen masters, known in Japanese as shike 師家 or rōshi 老師, are individuals who have succeeded to the Dharma Lamp transmitted through the lineage of teachers from the time of the Buddha. They are qualified to guide training monks in their meditation practice, and to serve as the abbots of Zen monasteries or as chief abbots (kanchō 管長) of main temple complexes (honzan 大本山). The Zen Master Interview Group has produced high-definition DVDs in which selected Zen shike speak of their views on the Way of Zen and offer advice on spiritual practice for seekers and ordinary people. To date the following DVDs have been released:
  • “Go Straight On: A Camelia in the Cold,” with Tōkai Daikō Rōshi, former Chief Abbot of Myōshin-ji
  • “Let It Go,” with Sengoku Taizan Rōshi, former abbot of Manpuku-ji Monastery
  • “Study under a Master Who Gets Your Goat,” with Shinohara Daiyū Rōshi, former Chief Abbot of Eigen-ji
  • “Live in the Moment,” with Arima Raitei Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Shōkoku-ji
  • “Become One!” with Kobori Taigan, Chief Abbot of Kennin-ji
  • “Heaven and Earth—A Single Finger,” with Ōi Saidan Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Hōkō-ji
  • “Every-Atom Samadhi,” with Yoshida Shōdō Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Kenchō-ji
  • “Hauling Snow to Fill a Well,” with Kōno Taitsū Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Myōshin-ji
  • “Live Wholeheartedly,” with Yokota Nanrei Rōshi, Chief Abbot of Engaku-ji
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Nishimura Egaku  西村惠学
Assistance: Kodama Osamu 児玉修 (Sangha, Inc.)