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The Jakushitsu Genkō Study Group

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Situation Former study
Details The 650th anniversary of the death of Jakushitsu Genkō, founder of the temple Eigen-ji in Shiga Prefecture, will be observed in the year 2016. In commemoration of this event the Jakushitsu Genkō Study Group is examining Jakushitsu’s recorded sayings in order to publish an annotated edition with Japanese readings.
          Jakushitsu’s recorded sayings constitute a rare and valuable resource for understanding the nature of kanshi (Japanese Zen poems written in Chinese) from the period of the Northern and Southern Courts(1336-92), yet in the past they never received serious scholarly attention.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Sasaki Ryōsai 佐々木陵西
Group member: Nōnin Kōdō 能仁晃道

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