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Genkō Shakusho Study Group

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Situation Former study
Details This group produced a new edition of the Genkō shakusho 元亨釈書, Japan’s earliest historical study of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, compiled by the Zen monk Kokan Shiren 虎関師錬 (1278-1346). As a basic text the group relied not on the usual Kokushi Taikei (Compendium of Japanese History) edition but upon the Tōfuku-ji edition, which includes the author’s handwritten manuscript. A kakikudashi of the entire text was prepared, with dictionary-style explanatory notes for nearly every proper noun.  The new edition, with notes, Japanese readings, and index, was published on November 21, 2011.
Name of group
leader and members
Group leader: Fujita Takuji 藤田琢司
Group members: Nōnin Kōdō 能仁晃道, Abe Rie 阿部理惠

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